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Journal of Scientific Research and  Studies

Journal of Scientific Research and Studies Vol. 7(2), pp. 30-35, July, 2020

ISSN 2375-8791

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Full Length Research Paper

In vitro activity of extracts from Dracontium gigas against Plasmodium berghei


Liz Brenes1*, Vanessa Bagnarello2, Misael Chinchilla2, Idalia Valerio2, José Bolańos2 and Mariana Russell2

1Biology Department of the Research Program for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Universidad de Costa Rica, Alajuela, Costa Rica.
2Research Department, Universidad de Ciencias Médicas (UCIMED), San José, Costa Rica.


*Corresponding author. E-mail:


Accepted 16 June, 2020




In a chemical analysis of several parts of Dracontium gigas, we found some components of the terpene family, as well as sterols, flavonoids, saponins and reducing compounds. After a detailed fractionation of leaves and petioles, specific fractions were obtained in the extraction with water, hexane, dichloromethane and ethyl acetate. Those fractions were tested for antimalarial activity using a model with Plasmodium berghei (murine malaria), according to the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation. Petiole dichloromethane and leaf lamina hexane extracts showed IC50 activity at 11.64 µg/mL and 14.9 µg/mL, respectively. According to these results, a triplicate analysis of the leaf lamina hexane extract and the petiole dichloromethane extract was performed, and it was found that the petiole dichloromethane fraction reported an activity of 5.56 ± 2 µg/mL, while hexane extract reported an activity of 35.17 ± 3 µg/mL. Given the chemical results obtained, it appears that the activity is due to the chemical components of the terpene and triterpenes family. Future in vivo studies will confirm the importance of D. gigas in malaria treatment.

Key words:
Dracontium gigas, Plasmodium berghei, malaria, plant extracts, Costa Rica.

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J. Sci. Res. Stud.


Vol. 7 Issue 2

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