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Journal of Scientific Research and  Studies

Journal of Scientific Research and Studies Vol. 8(1), pp. 1-8, March, 2021

ISSN 2375-8791

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Full Length Research Paper

Determination of peak maturity of sugarcane ratoon crop as influenced by nitrogen rates at Kibos and Awendo, Kenya


Omoto George*, Otieno Victor, Kasisi Carolyne and Omututi Anne

Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization, Sugar Research Institute, P.O. Box 44-40100, Kisumu, Kenya.


*Corresponding author. E-mail: or


Accepted 22 February, 2021




In Kenya, farmers’ payments for sugarcane delivered at the mill are based on tonnage delivered, without considering the quality of the cane. In 2000, Kenya put in place structures for paying farmers based on quality as measured by sucrose content. The trial was planted in the Kibos and Awendo sugar zones in September 2015 with the aim of determining the peak maturity of the sugarcane varieties influenced by nitrogen rates. The experimental design was 11 x 3 factorial laid in a randomized complete block design. The treatments consisted of 11 varieties; KEN 98-367, KEN 98-530, KEN 98-551, KEN 98-553, KEN 00-13, KEN 00-3548, KEN 00-3811, KEN82-121, KEN82-493, KEN82-601 and EAK 73-335, and three nitrogen rates; 0 kg Nha-1, 80 kg Nha-1 and 160 kg Nha-1. Pol% cane was determined from 11 to 17 months on first ratoon crop. The data were analyzed by ANOVA. The results showed that pol% cane and nitrogen rates differed significantly (P ≤ 0.05) between the varieties in both Kibos and Awendo. In Kibos, all 11 varieties peaked at 14 months. In Awendo, 2 varieties peaked at 14 months, 8 varieties at 15 months, and one variety at 16 months. The highest pol% cane was recorded by KEN82-601 (15.4) in Kibos and EAK73-335 (15.0) in Awendo. The nitrogen rate of 80 kg Nha-1 showed the best pol% cane in both sites. Kibos recorded higher pol% cane than Awendo by 5%. A 30-day delay in harvesting the cane after peak maturity resulted in a 4% drop in sucrose% cane.

Key words: Peak maturity, varieties, nitrogen rates and pol% cane.

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J. Sci. Res. Stud.


Vol. 8 Issue 1

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